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Tint Post Production was founded in 2006 as a post-production facility specifically geared to service the long form and specialized films market. We inherently understand that long form differs to short and grasp the subtle nuances of each format, be it television drama, reality series, documentary or feature film. Due to many years of practice and a healthy dose of talent, we instinctively know how to find the ideal technical and creative solutions that will best tell the story at hand and leverage the fullest extent of entertainment from each product that we have a hand in creating.


Tint’s founder and owner, Yoav Dagan has spent the last twenty five years expanding his knowledge with regards to film production and exhibition, now sporting an in depth working knowledge of production, post production and audio visual design. He started his career as a loader on feature film sets and steadily moved up the ranks gaining award winning credit in every discipline that he has put his hand to. These include DOP, Focus Puller, Installation designer and content creator , most notably for Epcott centre and Disneyland and the work with renowned artist William Kentridge, Producer, Offline Editor, Online Editor, Visual Effects Artist, Compositer and Colorist.

The facility currently employs four staff members and has fully compliant BEE status as a level four contributor. When bigger projects require it, our healthy network of talented freelance staff are called upon. We offer a full house post production service including Resolve, Smoke, Shake, Maya, AfterFX, FCP, Motion, LTO and Data backups, Feature, UHD, HD, Digital and SD Deliverables and two 5.1 dolby surround audio suites owned and operated by Guy Steer of Rechord which is also based on the premises in Greenside.


Recent projects include award winning 90 Plein Street and Disney’s High School Musical Series including daily upload deliveries. Miners Shot Down (a 2015 Emmy Award winner, Winner of Best film at Movies that Matter and Best Film at One World Documentary Film Festival), Devils Lair (Best Film SAFTA’s), Nothing for Mahala, Semi-Soet and Black South Easter are just some of the features that we have worked on in the last 2 years in addition to managing all of the films produced by the world famous South African artist William Kentridge. Current projects include co-production on the feature film Assignment, Post production on Egypt Modern Farows and audio visual design and content creation for a new permanent Holocost and genocide museum which is being built in Johannesburg.


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